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are you okay?

Posted by animegoddess103 on 2007.02.23 at 18:58
“Are you okay?”

Trinity looked up at Ryunosuke. “Where’s Blayde?” she asked, not bothering to answer his question.

Ryunosuke’s eyes grew wide and he looked around for any sign of his brother. “Blayde!” he called out, leaving Trinity and sprinting out of the alleyway.

”Ryu!” Trinity called out to him. “Wait!” she pleaded.

Ryunosuke wouldn’t wait. He couldn’t. If she had seen the look on Blayde’s face, she would know why. He had lost his brother once before, he wasn’t going to let it happen again. “Blayde!” he called again. Only his echo answered.

Blayde observed everything around him, his green eyes scanning the shrine’s entryway. Hundreds of mystic symbols were etched around its mouth. It was a shame he couldn’t read mystic.

He moved cautiously, slowly placing one foot in front of the other, keeping his wandering hands close to his side. The corridor was dark. It was haunting, like the darkness you see after opening your eyes from a nightmare. If possible, the further he walked, the darker it got. Chills were constantly running up and down his spine. Despite this, he proceeded further.

“I’ve got to do this…,” he murmured to himself absentmindedly, standing up straighter and forcing more confidence into his stumbling fearful walk. “To protect the people I love.”

That woman, Hectyk, had promised him he would be stronger, to be the strongest, what he had strived for his whole life. Blayde clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

The air was getting noticeably heavier. It was so dark now that he might as well be walking with his eyes closed, yet he continued to move forward, so sure that the path continued straight.

Blayde could hear his own breathing, and his footsteps echoed off the damp walls that surrounded him mercilessly.

Were his eyes deceiving him? Blayde laughed when a light, the slightest little glimmer, came to view. ‘That must be it,’ he thought. ‘The stone that Hectyk was talking about.’ He smiled.

The stone emitted such light that it lit the whole cavern. He clasped the stone in his hands. ‘What a strange sensation,’ he thought as he felt as though he was plunged into a sea-full of water, yet he could still breath. He felt as though he were floating. Then, darkness once again surrounded him as his hair flipped wildly against his face. His whole body was burning, on fire; his face was streaked with tears of pain. He attempted to wipe them away only to shriek as his hands, now literally on fire, scorched his face.

“Flames of destruction,” he heard his voice murmur on its own.

‘I’ve made another mistake.’

The white haired boy rose off the floor, his eyes no longer the once sparkling green but now black, a black void. He laughed, but it no longer belonged to him.

Blayde’s last thoughts were that of Ryunosuke and Trinity, and then he fleeted off to unconsciousness.

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