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The Snowflake Method Step 3: Ryunosuke

Posted by animegoddess103 on 2007.11.16 at 19:31
Major Characters

Character's Name: Ryunosuke

One-Sentence Summary of Character's Storyline: Ryunosuke must battle his twin brother, Blayde, to save the world and make their dreams come true.

Character's Motivation: Ryunosuke wants to end the suffering of his people and those he cares about.

Character's Goal: To do so, Ryunosuke must bring peace to Bludecem by uniting the mystics and humans and defeating Havyk.

Character's Conflict: The human's and mystic's hate for one another makes it hard to unify the two. Without unification, they can never defeat Havyk and there can never be peace. Also, Ryunosuke finds it very hard to fight Havyk because he has possession of Blayde's body.

Character's Epiphany: ?

Paragraph Summary: Ryunosuke is a boy who can do no wrong. Raised in the top mystic family with the abilities to match, he's easily the town favorite. Because of this, he makes enemies with his brother Raven. Raven, in a jealous rage, tells Ryunosuke that he is really adopted. Distressed, Ryunosuke runs away, ending up in a cabin where he meets his twin brother Blayde. The two make plans to unite the humans and mystics, but before they can accomplish their dreams, Blayde is consumed by havyk, and Ryunosuke must be the one to defeat him at the cost of his own life.

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