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The Snowflake Method Step 3: Trinity

Posted by animegoddess103 on 2007.11.16 at 20:16
Major Characters

Character's Name: Trinity

One-Sentence Summary of Character's Storyline: Trinity gives her life to try and save her lover, Blayde, from destroying the world.

Character's Motivation: Trinity wants a life of happiness.

Character's Goal: To do so, Trinity tries to make everyone happy and comfortable, even with war brewing.

Character's Conflict: To bring peace and happiness to Bludecem, Trinity must defeat her true love.

Character's Epiphany: Trinity realizes that even though she loves Blayde, she must take him out to save the world and ease his soul's suffering.

Paragraph Summary: Trinity, a fun-loving, spirited girl, follows her friend Ryunosuke, one day only to find out that he has a human twin brother, Blayde. She and Blayde fall in love, so when Blayde is possessed by Havyk, Trinity is the first to try and save him, and ends up giving her life in the process.

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