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The Snowflake Method Step 3: Blayde

Posted by animegoddess103 on 2007.11.16 at 19:48
Major Characters

Character's Name: Blayde

One-Sentence Summary of Character's Storyline: Blayde, an introverted boy, cannot overcome his insecurities and falls into the hands of Havyk.

Character's Motivation: Blayde wants to be accepted, acknowlegded, strong and loved.

Character's Goal: To do so, Blayde wants to leave his town and live on his own. He wants to be with Trinity and help Tristan unite humans and mystics.

Character's Conflict: Blayde's insecurities, weaknesses, and fear keep him from having a stable relationship, the ability to get stronger, etc.

Character's Epiphany: Blayde meets Trinity and Ryunosuke who teach him that it is okay to rely on others and that he can be accepted and loved.

Paragraph Summary: Blayde, bullied by his entire village, hates life. In an attempt to escape his hated village, he is caught by his father and beat. After being left alone, Blayde runs away only to find himself face-to-face with his twin brother Ryunosuke. Ryunosuke introduces Blayde to Trinity and the two quick;y fall in love. One night, after some mystic bullies attact Trinity, Blayde falls prey to his insecurities and rushes off to Hectyk, his friend of the past. Hectyk leads Blayde to a stone that she says will grant him great power. Blayde gives in to the trap and is possessed by Havyk.

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